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Cooperative Orientation and Leadership Development Trainings

Publish On: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Navajeevan Cooperatives Ltd. has completed 2 days’ orientation trainings for the members at Jhabahi, Joshipur in  13-14, Baishakh; Sukkhad in 20-21, Baishakh and Attariya in 3-4 Jestha, 2076. The training programmes were chaired by Mrs. Indira Jaisy, Coordinator of Cooperative Education and Development Fund and training sessions were conducted by Dr. Govinda Raj Joshi, VP of NCL; Dr. Rajendrabir Chand, Chief-Trainer; Dr. T.N. Joshi, Member of the Fund and Mr. Deb Bahadur Bam, Director of NCL and Mr. Gopal Pathak, Director of NCL. During the training periods Mr. Chakra Bahadur Singh, President, Mr. Chet Raj Ojha, Director  and Mr. Jaya Raj Joshi, Director of NCL were also attended in training held in Sukkhad. The members were distributed  Certificates of Participation.